Tax Services

Today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing what seems like a simple return can be a daunting task.  It’s very easy to miss deductions or credits even when using tax software.  Studies show that most taxpayers feel they benefit from using a tax professional. 

As an Enrolled Agent, Todd Donofrio is a federally authorized tax practitioner who is able to represent clients before the IRS.  Enrolled Agents demonstrate their competence in tax matters and report their hours of continuing professional education directly to the IRS.  Although there are many “non credentialed”  tax preparers that pop up during tax season, only qualified professionals like Enrolled Agents are bound by a code of ethics, rules and professional conduct.

Working with Freedom Tax is easy.  We offer several different ways to provide and receive tax documents.

  1. In Person - Make an appointment and come to our office
  2. Freedom Tax Client Portal - Web based secure portal where clients can upload their documents, get their copy of the tax return and even digitally sign documents.
  3. Freedom Tax mobile app - Just like the client portal but from your phone
  4. Mail - Send us your information, we will mail back the completed return.

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